Greenhouse Sthlm – a more sustainable lifestyle close to everything you need. A place that makes real difference.

On western Kungsholmen in Stockholm, a stone’s throw from the Stadshagen metro station and close to large green park areas as well as lake Mälaren, we are building Greenhouse Sthlm - a model for a modern sustainable urban development and good living.

It’s a model of modern, sustainable urban development, and good living.

That’s because Greenhouse Sthlm is more than a place to live. It’s a place to thrive. A place that promotes quality of life, health, accessibility, everyday ease, and celebration. It’s here that 3,000 people will live, work, and meet. A small city within a city. Much of what you would normally have to leave your neighbourhood to find is on your doorstep, or just a short walk away. It’s a placefor a more sustainable lifestyle.

It’s why we’re using wood to reduce CO2 emissions, covering the roof with solar panels, and improving biodiversity with green open spaces shared by residents. There are small plots to cultivate and grow-your-own, a hydroponic garden, as well as space for beekeeping.

It’s why we will compensate the unavoidable CO2 emissions during the build and those we cannot avoid through everyday living and working. The fact is – in the short term – given the CO2 stored in the building and the trees planted in the surroundings, the new house will absorb more CO2 than it produces. That is why the apartments are space-efficient, flexible and equipped with the most advanced and climate-smart technology for washing and cooking.

It’s why the apartments are space-efficient and equipped with the most advanced and climatesmart technology for laundry and kitchen.

It’s why there are shared spaces for both residents and within the neighbourhood where you can use these resources as much or as little as you wish. It’s a unique way to increase the value and functionality of the building.

It’s why we welcome traders to the neighbourhood who are strongly committed when it comes to pushing questions about sustainability and climate change issues.

It’s why the neighbourhood will have a restaurant with a focus on sustainable eating, a fitness and swimming pool facility with fabulous views, a car and bicycle pool in the garage, and a ground-floor café along with concierge service.

It’s why you’re really making a difference if you move in here. Because how we live not only has a crucial impact on how we feel, but on the health of our planet too.

And that’s why you’re really making a difference if you move here. Because how we live not only has a decisive impact on how we feel but the wellbeing of our planet.

Our cities are growing. An increasing number of people will live in them at the same time as we try to reduce our climate footprint. Greenhouse Sthlm is a step towards a smarter, more comfortable, and sustainable way of living. You’re buying a home, but you will actually enjoy a whole community in return. We welcome you to join us on our journey and look forward to welcoming you home.

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