Everything you need within easy reach

Have you heard of the 15-minute city? Greenhouse Sthlm is located so that you can reach most things that make life worth living in a short walk.

To the west is Lake Mälaren with Hornsberg’s promenade with cozy restaurants, piers, boat rentals, and a little further away a farmyard and outdoor pool. You are also close to a grocery store, pharmacy, emergency hospital, schools, cafés, and shops – and if the city gets its plans approved, there will be an underground tennis court across the street.

What you cannot walk to, you can reach instead by bike, boat, bus, or subway. You can rent an electric car or bicycle in the neighbourhood’s own car and bicycle pool. It should be easy to do the right thing, so here you will be able to book a car at short notice and manage well without having to own one yourself..

The proximity to nature and green recreational areas is important for us to feel good, so we have built our own green gardens of 3000 sqm inside the neighbourhood. And right at the neighbourhood border is the green loop around Stadshagen, through the hospital park to the lookout cliff with fantastic views of the Karlbergs Canal. If you want to continue further, just take the whole lap around beautiful Kungsholmen.