A new way to work.
And live.

How we live and where we work are two areas that are changing rapidly right now. We believe in a smart combination that provides a harmonious everyday life.

In this mixed neighbourhood, there are residents, employees, traders, and guests who, for various reasons, pass by. Here you will find Sebastian Gibrand’s restaurant, but also Electrolux’s head office. And in a few years we will have a preschool and a larger playground.

The traders and companies who have chosen to establish themselves in the neighbourhood – like Greenhouse Sthlm’s largest tenant Electrolux – have decided that they want to do what they can to contribute to help prevent climate change and to make everyone’s shared home a little better.

Eventually, we anticipate that a co-working centre will be established in the neighbourhood. There must be an opportunity for both companies and individuals to sign up for different levels of membership. We believe that it will feel good for many to be able to work close to home – and that it will then be a bonus to have access to an office that offers both a social and international base with technology at the forefront.