Greenhouse Sthlm - Working

Today, there is one tenant in the area, the global appliance company Electrolux that also own the property. 

As the neighbourhood develops, we expect more businesses to move in. In particular, we welcome enterprises that share the Electrolux commitment to sustainability and to promoting necessary climate change, particularly in the broad fields of “Better Living” and “Better Eating”.

Companies that have committed to doing whatever they can to contribute to climate change and to making all our homes a little bit better. In the longer term, we will make efforts to attract a co-working company to the area. Starting out, we have a “coffice” – a café where you are welcome to take a coffee break with your laptop (with or without other company). 

Everyone who works in Greenhouse Sthlm will, through their employer, have access to the wide range of services on offer, such as the pool and fitness center, the concierge service, and the court yards with outdoor gym, outdoor kitchen, padel court, growing plots and outdoor working spaces. Some services and resources will require a fee. 


The neighbourhood will have a number of cooperation partners who in different ways will contribute to making the area and our day-to-day lives a bit more sustainable and better. Below is a list of the companies already onboard or with an intention to join in the future. 

Here, you will also find information about companies who in one way or another have been part in realizing this project. It is a project that builds on cooperation and a prestigeless sharing of knowhow and experience. It builds on a shared vision to make a real difference when it comes to being a driver in the development of modern sustainable construction. This applies both to work methods and to technology where sustainability and a lifecycle perspective are in focus. This page will be regularly updated with information about companies moving in, cooperation partners and key suppliers in the project development.

Cooperation Partners

Already in place:

  • AB Electrolux
  • Stiftelsen Electrolux food foundation
  • Sebastian Gibrand Gastronomi
  • Sunfleet/M – bilpool med 4 poolbilar
  • Securitas – väktare 24/7 på plats
  • Electrolux servicebutik
  • Sodexo

Future and coming enterprises

  • To be updated

Project development

  • Archus
  • Skanska
  • Byggpartner
  • Setra
  • Struktor
  • AG Advokat
  • Hedström & Taube
  • IMEK
  • BTKon
  • ECO -konsult/Granlund