Sustainable, reusable, and renewable

We believe that living in wooden houses feels better. And we know that wood is better for the environment compared to steel and concrete.

Sustainability and circular solutions are the focus for the entire Greenhouse Sthlm neighbourhood. This applies both during the construction process and later, when the project is completed and becomes part of people’s lives for real.

Greenhouse Sthlm is mainly built of wood, FCS-certified, from sustainable forestry in Central Sweden. On rooftops, there are photovoltaic systems that reduce energy costs for everyone.

We’re one of the first in the country to have chosen to build according to a framework for climate-neutral construction. This means that we monitor how much CO2 we build into the houses and how much is used to keep them going. And that we have committed to compensate for the CO2 that we have produced.

FSC-certified means that the wood comes from a responsible forestry that takes people and the environment into account.

The wood that we build into the neighbourhood will function as a carbon sink for many years to come.