Shaping better living


Welcome to Greenhouse Sthlm!

It’s happening! The day finally came when it was time to put the shovel in the ground and mark the beginning of the new neighbourhood Greenhouse Sthlm. We also launched the first phase of the apartment complex – the tenant-owned housing association Brf Gourmet on January 18th.

But you may wonder, what is Electrolux doing behind an urban neighbourhood development project? Electrolux is not a property or housing developer. True. This urban development project may not be part of Electrolux core business (which is why we teamed up with Archus AB, architect in charge and general consultancy for the project, for whom this is core business). And, at the same time, this neighbourhood development project encompasses something Electrolux has a passion for – making the day-to-day a bit better and more sustainable for all of us. In fact, this is our mission: “Shape living for the better.” You will notice this like a red thread through the project when you look around on the homepage.

This is a neighbourhood development with a broad sustainability focus. For real. As you read on, you will understand in what ways. Details make the whole. We believe that knowledge and awareness make a difference and that it is important to start out with the prerequisites you have right here and now. And did we tell you, this is one of the first apartment projects in Sweden that will be certified with the Swedish Green Building Council’s framework for climate neutral construction – ZeroCO2?

Welcome to follow us and what we do here at Greenhouse Sthlm!