What’s up on the construction site? Now the pool is in place!


On Friday, it was lifted into place – the pool on the top floor of the office extension. The pool is 1.4 m deep and will be equipped with a jet stream to facilitate swimming training – a complement to scheduled water aerobics sessions and other training. To the left of the pool (re: photography) will be the gym, for light exercise. And to the right the lounge with gas stove and places for hanging out and socializing. Pictures and renderings, see below.

Link to the construction site’s webcam: http://webbkameror.se/byggkameror/skanska/skanska_36_640.php

Note: The photo was taken from the spot near the door, behind the man in the rendering below, just to the right of the sauna. On the left edge of the pool, a wall will be built and behind that wall will be the gym.