Uncharted territory – Metaverse next!


We have now created a virtual model of Greenhouse Sthlm’s first housing project brf Gourmet’s 1-room-with-kitchen-apartment, 28 sqm, in Metaverse (thank you Celine from the interior design company ett koncept. who made this possible and have created the model – great work!)

The first housing project in Sweden to be showcased in Metaverse! 🤩

So… welcome to a viewing in Metaverse! Below you will find instructions how to log in as well as, if you just want to have a quick look, links to two pre-recorded videos. Enjoy!


Video: Avatar walk in the apartment: Link

Video: Fly through the apartment: Link


Do like this if you want to visit Metaverse (Monaverse):

Log in to the virtual world here. To make it work, note:

  1. You have to log in via your computer, not your mobile
  2. Open up via Google Chrome, Fire fox or Edge
  3. If you have Safari as your preferred browser, you need to copy the link and chose “paste and open” (not just “paste”).

You will now be granted an avatar and can move around by clicking your arrow keys. Zoom in and out using the mouse. Click “H” key for settings. Have fun!