Laying the foundation!


Finally! It’s now time to start the next step in the construction process. In January, we started the piling work and now the concrete team is also on site. They will work side-by-side through the spring and until summer. Once the foundation is completed, it will be time to raise the building frame.

Concrete …? A building’s foundation is usually laid using concrete, a material with a relatively large environmental impact due to the cement mixed in. Most of the CO2 emissions, or 2/3rds of the total, from cement are released in the chemical reaction when the limestone is heated. The remaining third is traceable to the fuel needed to heat the cement furnace to the required 1450 degrees Celsius.

By choosing to lay our foundation with Skanska’s green concrete, where a high share of waste material is used in the concrete which reduces the share of cement needed, we will be able to reduce the CO2 imprint from our construction considerably ­­­­- up towards 50%. Learn more about Skanska’s green concrete here.